Month: October 2012

Seeing is Believing

Lately, I’ve been having some problems, eye problems to be exact.
I think I have been spending too much time on the computer
One thing you must know by now is that I work online. This means that am always on the computer. Since I graduated campus two years ago, I’ve spent many, many if not too many hours on the computer.
And I think its starting to have a toll on my eyes. Lately, I’ve been thinking about going to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) -did you know that’s what they are called. But am afraid of one thing: glasses.
How can I wear glasses??? How would I even start it?? Would people think I look crazy? Would they stare??
I sometimes think I will look extremely weird if at one point I have to wear eyeglasses.
But, I have a friend, my best friend to be exact, who has worn prescription eyeglasses all her life. Its crazy because, she cannot see without her glasses. When we go swimming, she sometimes has to wear them even in the pool.  I also have another friend who I helped choose her glasses frames. So, I get the seriousness of eye problems.
Am planning on making this trip to the eye doctor a reality. Real soon people, I promise.
In the mean time, I have been browsing finding out what options they have and what I can choose from. They do have a wide selection, dare I say so.
 They also have a virtual mirror service where you can try on the ones you like
And they are offering you (my awesome readers) a 15% discount off your $50 and above order , plus free shipping. All you have to do is use the code FS15.
If that were not enough, they are also offering you 10% off any order just because you are my reader . Code for this one id Blog10.
On a totally unrelated point, I checked out their sunglasses and my favorite were 

I know right…..Awesome

As you go and enjoy the awesomeness that is on their website, let me go and contemplate my trip to the ophthalmologist, (that name is just cool)!
Happy days loves!
Nb: This is a sponsored post but the opinions are purely mine.

Weekend Update

Hi lovely people!!Its a new week and am loving it already. But not as much as I loved this weekend. This was a truly nice weekend and I only wish that every weekend could be like this one.
Saturday, I spent the morning doing laundry and the whole afternoon doing this:

Crochet {will fill you in as the week goes by}

and this:
Catching up on Royal Pains.

In the evening, I was really feeling like going dancing or doing something fun for the night. Little did I know that hubby and his friend had the exact plans.
So, at round 9.30 p.m, we all went out and had serious fun. I can’t begin to tell you how awesome that night was. We danced and made fun of ourselves and just had a good time.
Got home at around 5 in the morning and slept until 3 PM. I can’t tell you how that happened but seems like dancing is a recipe for lots of sleeping.
Then on Sunday evening, Manchester United won 3-2 against Chelsea which was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
This tree is kind of cute and very shapely too, (just outside where we live)

 Beautiful skies
 This other tree is in full bloom, all flowery and cute
Hope you enjoyed your weekend and wishing you a fabulous week!

Friday Fancies and Letters

I wish I was going to a party. I really do, I could do with some partying!!!
I don’t know how this week went by. At some point, I thought Tuesday was Monday and at  another point, I thought, Thursday was Friday and now I wish it was Saturday.
Anyway, am still very much alive and I do know for a fact that today is Friday, which is a good thing!
I hope you are not as confused as I am and that your week has been great.
I just hope and pray that whatever has been keeping me this busy yields some good stuff!
Now onto Friday Fancies, purely dedicated to partying:
Linking up with {av} at long distance loving

Party Time

Party Time by emmyel featuring high heels

This outfit is crazy awesome!!I would wear it in a heartbeat, I wouldn’t even think twice!!And then I would be off to my imaginary party!

Next Up, the mail….
Dear Hubby: As always thank you so much for being you. But today more-so than ever for cooking dinner last night and giving me the night off!I did feel like a queen and I could definitely get used to that!Love, lots of it to you!
Dear Weekend: Be kind to me coz I need a break and some time to rest!I also need to squeeze some fun out of you!
Dear Crochet hook and Yarn: You make my nights shorter and I think am falling in love!
Dear Hair: You look terrible and you know it. I don’t know how, but just get done!
Dear Hubby [letter 2]: Your dream of a baby girl has been heard and hope it will be answered soon!!!*wink*
Dear new rock bands that I’ve discovered: Thank you for making my days easier!
Dear Blogging community: You are amazing!


Currently and Thankful Thursdays

I am Currently….

Worrying about what kind of mother I will become. I may not have a baby or pregnant yet but I do really want to become a mother someday soon. I just pray that I will be an awesome mother.

Listening to some reggae tunes that my husband likes. I think its Bob Marley and its really soothing.

Wishing that I could get a whole day off. There are so many things I wanna do. My hair looks terrible and I would love love to get it done. Am also wishing for more time to crochet, by myself, enjoying the rhythm and the little creations that come out of it.

Observing my thoughts. I don’t wanna be the person that gets caught up in crazy negative thoughts so I just take a little time to make sure am on the right track.

Considering how hard I’ve worked since yesterday. But am not complaining, just thinking of how much I deserve a break or a holiday at least.

Today am thankful…

-For peaceful nights where I get to sleep easy and wake up well rested
-For a hubby who is my best friend and the closest person to my soul
-For emails, telephones, and all forms of communicating to those who are far
-For good health
-For amazing in-laws
-For a beautiful family, one that appreciates and loves me
-For my future children, I love you babies
-For a peaceful country, a beautiful one
-For life itself, it is such a gift
-For new hobbies
-For connections with people we meet everyday, people who become the friends we never expected
-For you
Thank you so much!

The Fontenot Four

Loving Lately

So, how are you peeps??
I’ve not been here since Friday and am usually cool with that but damn!, I missed you people!
You have been so amazing to me and its hard to imagine a life without you.
Now that we have that out of the way…….my weekend was awesome!!
I went to visit my family as promised and I had a great time. Sorry there are no pics to support this.
We baked a cake for my sister on Saturday which was her birthday. It was so much fun.
We also helped Mama harvest tomatoes… fun but tiresome.
I came back on Sunday evening and Yesterday I had to travel to the capital (Nairobi) for some business and now am back.
Back and ready to share with you what am loving lately and what I’ve been up-to on the DIY side.
As I’ve said it a few times before this, I have taken up crocheting as a new hobby and I absolutely love it.
I’ve made a few things including a beanie and a headband for my niece Crystal .
I also made these hats at the beginning and have not yet decided who I will bless it with.

 So, what do you think about my new hobby??Any encouragement, ideas, inspiration???
 I would love to hear from you loves.

Friday Fancies and Letters

I think am crazy!Yes I do……
Why do I do this to myself???
We do not celebrate Halloween around these parts yet I get pulled into these crazy awesome outfit creations for the said celebration.
Anyway, since am already in, lets see what I came up with.
I watched the movie Snowwhite and the Huntsman last week and I loved it. I thought that I should have gone with the evil queen idea but I thought better of it since am more of a Snow White fan.
So, here is the costume I found. I dont really think I would wear it but I still think it is a good idea. And good ideas should be shared with friends or bloggers for that matter
Linking up with av @ Long distance loving 


halloween by emmyel on Polyvore

Moving on to Friday Letters:
Dear Weekend: I cant wait to have you here. A combination of my sister’s birthday and all of us at home is a recipe for a good weekend.
Dear Blogging community: You continue to amaze me everyday. Your love is greatly appreciated. I dont know if this is getting corny but I couldn’t let it pass without saying it.
Dear Small Sister: Am planning on baking you a surprise cake tomorrow. Hope you are not reading this blog because I know you are busy and hope you will love it.
Dear Hubby: As always, you are special to me. This week you’ve been super nice and caring and just plain awesome. I love you so very much!
Dear Me: I think you are doing good. Never underestimate yourself.
Dear God: Please bless me with a camera.
Linking up with Ashley.
Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Currently and Thankful Thursday

I was out of words when I woke up this morning. I did not know at all, what I was going to write about. When this feeling creeps in yet I have so much going on in my life, I tend to be a little crazy. But, thank God for blogger linkups that give you ideas on how you can share your life with the world.
Feeling better. As I said on (Is it Tuesday or Monday?, whatevs) I have been having a cold that was absolutely driving me crazy. But, I changed medication yesterday and woke up feeling all better. Thank you!

Drinking porridge or uji as we call it in Swahili. My mom told me, many many years ago that when a person is feeling sick and lacks appetite, the best thing for him or her is porridge. And I’ve been following her advice and it does make me feel better.

Looking for crochet bloggers. I have recently taken up crocheting as a new hobby and am looking for people I can connect with and share and learn and enjoy this awesome hobby. I hope you can tell am excited!

Dreaming of going home. Seeing my parents this weekend and my sister and the whole family. Those are beautiful dreams.

Making crocheted baby beanies. My hubby and his friend think I’ve caught the baby fever but who knows?????

Thankful for:
-Going home early and taking naps in the middle of the afternoon.
-For a loving and caring husband.
-For health and a working body and metabolism.
-For peace of mind
-For fun working days where ideas flow and customers are delightful.
-For blogging, such a wonderful community.
Love you all and have an awesome Thursday!

The Fontenot Four

Random Beauty on a Wednesday

So the week is halfway through, right?? Waoh, these days are really flying!
I thought I would just right give you some of the awesome randomness from my Pinterest Boards
Source: via Millie on Pinterest

Am hoping to learn and make the headbands above for my nieces by the end of the week!My crocheting is going well by the way. Am gonna try and take pictures for you! Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Loving Lately and More About Me

Hi lovely people!
I think am high, I feel like am numb, I feel sleepy, I feel crazy.
I have a stupid cold and I took some tablets yesterday night!
Problem is, those cold tablets usually make me feel like am drunk.
Anyway, if you have home remedies that can make me feel better and stop this menace, please do send them my way…..
Now, onto what am loving lately:
One thing…Crochet and more crochet. Am currently trying to learn as much as I can from YouTube and bloggers and I can say I am learning and I am loving it.
I hope to become an expert and make cute beanies like these ones. Will def keep you informed on my progress.
Next up is one of my favorite link-ups that happens once a month: Me, Myself & I.
1.What is your favorite season and why?
My favorite season would have to be fall. Yes, I know I’ve said it many times here that we don’t really have seasons here but we do have weather changes that reflect seasons. The cool yet kind of warm nature of fall fascinates me. It signifies change into something better and I love that.
2. Talk about a moment that changed your life
One moment??How can I pinpoint just one moment, it is difficult. But, I would say the day I started my first job. It signified that I was officially an adult and I had to take responsibility for my decisions.
3.If you could be one Crayola crayon color, what would you be and why?
I would be lemon yellow. This color signifies a joyful spirit that is still subtle and too screaming. I love it.
4.Describe yourself a superhero.Superpower?Name?Sidekick?
If I had a superpower, then it would have to healing people or restoring their energy. I believe good health is one of the most important things that we usually take for granted. I would love to help people feel better in an instant.
5.If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at 3 stores, where would you shop?
I don’t know about this one because I shop everywhere. I would have to say that I would go with handmade stuff especially on etsy or storenvy since I like to support crafts.