Month: July 2012

PMS – What's a Girl to Do??

I cannot believe that I am writing about this today. But, that’s the fun of blogging, right? You get to talk about anything and everything. So lets do this!!
Premenstrual syndrome, that’s what they call it but to most of us women, it is just PMS.

The sound of it even makes us cringe. But, its inevitable. Most if not all women experience PMS a few days before the period (oh, thats something else). Some months, it is non-existent but others, it is extreme. I have had my fair share of the same and thus the reason behind this post.My symptoms:
1. Craziness. I do crazy stuff. Like walk in front of a moving car while looking in the opposite direction. #truestory, almost got hit yesterday.

2. Clumsiness. The plates and cups seem to fall uncontrollably.
3. Mood swings. (This is the big one.) The day’s emotions go like: happy, happy, sad, very sad, happy, very happy, teary, smile, screaming, joy, anger, I wonna hit someone, happy……and the list continues.

4. Irritable. Say anything and am irritated. Don’t say anything and am still irritated.

5. Bloated stomach, full of gas. Two words, it sucks.
6. Headache. What is the connection between my period and my head??? Researchers should answer this question!
7. Tiredness. No, its more like fatigue.
8. Loss of appetite. Food tastes really bad. But, I could eat cake all day, but then I would get extremely fat!!
9. Too much sleep. Last night I slept for over 11 hours straight.
10. The body aches in every part and I lose interest in things that are usually interesting.

OK, I could go on but I wont because I know all the women out there understand what am saying. So, now lets look at what I do to ease these symptoms and sometimes even bring a smile to my face:

1. Rest. By rest I mean Sleep. A lot of it. If I get the chance, then I sleep and I forget all about the world and all its operations.
2. Wine or any alcohol. Just a lot little. To cheer me up. Sorry people, a girls gotta do what she gotta do! Did I just say that???

3. Watch funny movies. Since my attention span is like that of a chicken during this time, I like something that will make me smile. E.g, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. I avoid things such as The Bachelorette since they are too emotional and I might end up sobbing!!!
4. Take a walk. A short one and through places I love. Cool, quiet places.
5. Blogging, Pinterest, Twitter. (Sometime, not always)
6. Hugs. Lots of them from b/f. Makes me feel safe and taken care of.

I hope we can talk more about this topic and help each other where possible. This will make PMS more bearable for us  women and especially for the girls who are just entering puberty!
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Me, Myself & I

I think am going crazy because I so much want to write a blog post but sometimes I just can’t. I just hope that this week will be much more interesting in this blogworld.
However, today I choose to let you in into my life so that you can get to know me better. Am linking up with Amanda at For Love of a Cupcake for Me, Myself & I.

1st Q:What is your biggest phobia??

Ooooh!Thats an easy one. I have a really huge fear of caterpillars. I cringe at the name and I dont even think I can post a picture of one. Am too scared.

2nd Q: If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why??

Am not sure about this one. There have been really awesome moments in my life but the one I would wish to relive would be the day I met my youngest niece, Crystal. She is such an angel!

3rd Q: If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be??

I think I would wish to stay at 25, where I am right now. Discovering myself and my capabilities is so much fun!

4th Q:Which celebrity do you get mistaken for??

None. But I went to some university last month and many people though I really looked like a certain student in that school. I never got to meet her but I would really love to!!

5th Q: What songs are included to the soundtrack of your life??

Just a Kiss- Lady Antebellum
Let me be myself- Three Doors Down
Come Over- Kenny Chesney
Forever and for Always- Shania Twain
Switchfoot- Dare you to Move

I hope you can tell am a rockbabe from these songs.

I also hope that you now know a little more about me and you can tell me more about yourself by leaving some comment love!!

What to wear to a summer Wedding

When I saw this theme developed by {av}, I immediately started thinking about all the yellow dresses I would love to wear. But as I thought about it some more, I discovered that I am obsessed with yellow. So, I thought that I might at least try to experiment with other colors and see what I could come up with. Am not one to experiment a lot, but I knew I had to. It took some time to come up with this outfit but I absolutely adore it. It is subtle, not screaming and yet so flattering. I hope you like it too!

summer wedding

summer wedding by emmyel featuring patent leather peep toe pumps

Happy weekend and especially to those of you attending weddings!

Current Crush: Wedges

As I go through this blogging experience, I get to read some awesome blogs. In the blog world, I fall in love constantly and I am happy for this. I came across Framed Frosting, sometime ago and am an avid follower. I especially love the current crush link-up on Thursdays and am happy to be participating today!
I have and am always crushing on wedges. It does not matter whether its warm or cold, I just love wedges and want to show you some of the ones, I really like!!


I especially love the last row of wedges. The colors and designs amaze me. They make me wanna wake up and go shopping. I love wedges and I wish I owned more of them and especially these ones. Hope you love them too.

Current Crush Thursdays

Of Walks, Road Shows and Certificates:Weekend Update

What a weekend!Thats all I can manage to say. 

On Saturday, I went for a Red Cross Road Show/Walk. It was meant to educate the public on road safety and how we can reduce road accidents in our country. I loved it a lot but I got really really tired. The walk took almost 3 hours and I was exhausted by the end of it all. But I have a certificate to show and a really fun time.
On the way, we would do mock accidents and teach people how they can be avoided and how to handle them when they occur!!

Sunday, I was trying to rest but I had to do laundry. I also attended the birthday party of my neighbors beautiful daughter and got a little drank.


Didn’t even think I would be able to wake up today but am fine. This weekend I’ve met a ton of people and made so many new friends. Am so grateful and I hope to enjoy this week as much as I enjoyed the weekend.This is the road that our campaign was focusing on. I hope you stay safe on the roads too!!

Stars and Stripes: Literally

I love stripes. I actually have a red and black striped sweater that I wear too much. I know the theme is supposed to represent the American heritage but I went the other way. I took it literally and came up with this outfit. Hope you like it as much as I do. Linking up with av at long distance loving.
Point to self: Next time, just try and post you Friday fancies post a little earlier, thank you!

stars and stripes

stars and stripes by emmyel featuring a striped dress

Have an awesome weekend!

Am totally thankful its Thursday

Hey lovely people!I cant believe how fast these days are going. I’ve not even gotten to think about last weekend and now its almost weekend all over again. Am really thankful for this week and all the opportunities it has given me. So today, am going to just write about all the things am thankful for!

Am Thankful
…for an awesome week, I can’t emphasize that enough
…for new opportunities coming my way every day. 
…because things are getting better, each day more than the last
…for my beautiful sister who’s coming to stay with me for sometime
…for yoga
…for b/f and having a great time together
…for blogging and all the connections I’ve made so far
…for love
..for friendships
…for networking
…for the growth of our baby business (Thika Live)
…for security and clarity
…for feelings and emotions
…for joy and fun
..for hugs and kisses
..for delicious food
…for every skill that I have
…for the internet and laptops
…for sweet texts and calls
…for family
…for LIFE, awesome, beautiful LIFE!


Its Ok Thursdays

Lets Stay Organized

Lately, I have been feeling a little disorganized. I have to admit that am not highly organized or obsessed with keeping everything in its place. But, I am definitely jealous of people that can keep everything in its place. When I went home this weekend, I helped my cousin organize her room and especially my nieces clothes. It was a fun thin to do and am definitely thinking about reorganizing my house. I like to see everything all neat and organized but I do not always have the motivation to do it. So, here are a few pins to help me and you stay organized.
1. Start by loving organizing
2. The closet

3. The office

4. The Kitchen

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Lets hope we can all stay organized.

To Flow like a River

Hi lovely people!Hope the weekend treated you really fine as it did me. I spent time with my deraly missed and beloved family and I can totally say the homesickness is gone. It was like a flu that just had to be cured. Anyway, now that we are on to Tuesday, time to start thinking about more serious matters and about life in general.
In my life, I have reached points where I just felt like I was stuck. You know, life is like a journey and we sometimes reach points in the journey that are a little difficult and we miss the flow. Today, I just want to acknowledge that sometimes, I think that such points are totally pointless and aim at just making it difficult for us. However, on further analysis, I think that such sticky points help us appreciate the good stuff. We also learn an awful lot of things at such points. I do think its good to appreciate these sticky points.

But, more importantly, it is great to appreciate the people, ideas, books, movies, article or thoughts that help usget back to the flow. For example, when I feel stuck emotionally, watching a funny or romantic movie almost always helps me get back to the flow. For others, reading or writing does help in getting back to the smooth ride.
I just want to ask you to identify what helps you get you back to the flow. When you identify these things, it becomes easier for you to get back to a place of smoothness and harmony.

Above all, I wish you all as much flow as I wish on myself. I wish your life flows like a river. That it keeps going and when you get stuck, it is easy for you to get back on the journey. And that your life remains smooth and harmonious. Like a waterfall, easy and always flowing!

Pictures taken by my b/f. River Kariminu near his home!
N/B: I reached 40 followers this weekend and am so happy and grateful to all of ya!!Thank You!