Month: June 2012

Never, ever, ever startle me….

                  Phonophobia: it even has a name!
First, I hate being startled. Second, I fear being startled. Its crazy, I get into such a panic when someone startles me. I might even cry. Funny thing: those whom I tell to never startle me, always do it again. And I always fall for it and scream or make a really bad face.
So, now you know to never startle me ever! And to make it clear, here is my startle face. My b/f snuck up on me, startled me and took a picture. I love the face, totally priceless

Hope you had a great weekend with no startles!

Friday Fancies: Reese Witherspoon

Its OK Thursday

Hey lovely people. Quick post today and totally justifying myself in this one. Well then 
….that I picked petty fights with my b/f this week and am truly sorry.
….that I have been feeling miserable but am trying to feel better.
….that I have not had a decent meal this week. Been so busy.
….that I blame hormones for my miserable mood this week.
….that I want a whole day of sleep and idling around.
….that when I cam home last night and I found it flooded, I immediately started crying.
….that I want to move to another house as soon as possible.
….that I have totally been an absentee blogger since last week.
….to want something more from this life, something that I have not yet found but I know I will.
….to be thankful for the little I have.
…..that tomorrow will be a better day!!!
Its Ok Thursdays

Pinteresting and I found a New Love

Its mid-week people!Can I hear Yeah!!!!! Only one more day to Friday! The week has been cool so far, not much going on. Just work, sleep and hormones. Yeah, I think that covers it.
Anyway to far more interesting matters, I found a new love. Its flexible, its movable and very interesting. Guess what? YOGA! I know, this is not the first time I have started yoga and thought it was awesome!But, this time, I hope to make it more of a routine, a habit. Yeah, I hope to be more flexible and twist my body up. For now, its like a morning and evening thingy. When I wake up and before I go to bed. So, this Wednesday is all about my newest love. Enjoy all the twistedness.

Now only if I could do half of these poses, I would be one happy girl.
All images via my yoga board

Letters to my Future Husband #6

Hey lovely readers? Its that time again to write to the future Mr. Millie. I never knew that inspiration could take so long, but its here so lets hope he is reading and that it touches some part of his heart.

Dear [FH],
Hi honey, dear, darling, sweetheart and all the other sweet words I might choose to call you! I am Ok, just taking each day as it comes. Life is fine, not too much drama. I actually like my life right now and I hope it is headed in the right direction. The weather is kind of complicated. Somedays, the sun decides to come out and some others, its just plain cold. Today is kinda cold, actually my feet are freezing but I will be ok.

How are you?Is everything ok? I guess it is coz if it weren’t, you would have reported it. And if it isn’t, then I will pray and by tomorrow, everything will be better. Is it cold? Or maybe warm or hot where you are?I wish you could just tell me so I know what your life is like. Oh dear, I must admit that I miss you. Do you understand? You know I said the same thing in the last letter but I dont think you understand. I miss you so much. In a way that I cannot explain. But am ready to wait for you.

Sweerie, when the time comes for us to meet, I hope you will be ready. Ready to receive the best kind of love from me. The kind that sticks in the heart and remains there forever. I hope you will be ready to share your life with me. That is the reason why all human beings crave connection. We want to share our lives with someone else. That is what I want with you. To share our lives together. To know that someone notices and values my existence. That is is not all in vain. I am getting ready for all this and more and hope you are too.

I love you my baby and wish to see you soon.
Many hugs and kissess!

Readers, I hope he listens to me and comes along very soon. Hold your breath and I’ll hold mine and when we let go, he will be here.

The last 72 hours: Photo Overload

Ok, in these parts, a weekend that begins with a public holiday on Friday is termed as a long weekend. So, on Friday we had lots of fun with b/f taking photos of the national celebrations. For more on that, you can find pictures on our other blog Thika Live.
1. Taking a shortcut through a maize plantation.

2. Me, being all tomboyish. I know I cropped the rest of the photo but I was pointing at a big sack which I was about to jump. This was at b/f’s parents.

3. Just chillin!This bird was so relaxed.

4. Me, being all goofy!

5. Colorful: there’s green everywhere.

6.7.8: Meeeeee!Who wants a piece of me?

It was a good weekend!Lots of resting and walking and laughing but now I have a cold. But we gonna conquer that too, with a beautiful week!

Friday Fancies on Saturday: White

Am sorry I am late with my Friday Fancies post this week but better late than never. I can justify myself by arguing that its still Friday in some places. Anyway, this outfit is just adorable and perfect for a summer party. If you ever want to look classy and sophisticated, white is definitely the color to wear.
I really hope you are having a great weekend so far. Linking up with av at long distance loving!
rockin white

rockin white by emmyel featuring a scalloped dress

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