The sun!!!Sometimes I wonder why we all love the sun so much. Is it the warmth or the light or what is it about the sun. But, sometimes I just think its the light clothing and the showing of skin that we adore so much. It is therefore no brainer that many if not all chics love the summer. And more importantly, the fashion that comes with summer. So, without further ado, Friday Fancies with {av} at long distance loving is on. I am more of a one piece swim suit as opposed to bikinis. Don’t get me wrong, I wear bikinis sometimes but I just feel more comfortable in one pieces. This set is so dedicated to me and the hope of some free time to go swimming or lounging by the beach. I hope that time comes soon. 
Beachy Chic

Beachy Chic by emmyel featuring a tie dye swimwear

I love the cover-up, I chose in this set. So white and so cute. Hope you love it too. Cant wait to see your Friday Fancies. Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I have 5 children who have all exsespred an interest in learning to play the guitar. 4 of them have had piano lessons and I would LOVE to start them on these guitar dvds. Thanks for doing this![]

  2. Thanks David, I agree, so very Australian. I hope you and yours have or had a wonderful day as well. Merry Christmas.(thank you, I did the upgrade and have started playing around a little. Yes, true for any art really, I have used it on and off since starting the blog. )

  3. Engineer-poet, thank you for the info. Perhaps we’d be better off focusing on replacing hydrocarbons with nuclear for electricity, running more trains on electricity, and using gasoline-electric hybrid cars for transport. That, plus more conservation, might get greenhouse gas emissions down to a manageable level. We could also think about using nuclear plants for marine propulsion for freight (I am not sure how cruise ship passengers would react to having to wear dosimeters).

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  5. Gville Voter, is so right, Qnote doesn’t reach out to the other gay community in NC, face it if you live east of 95 you don’t count.. you are treated like the unwanted stepchild.. Q-notes could do more to bridge this gap, but doesn’t.. How I long for the front page.. which now is no longer… Maybe it time for a new paper..

  6. that was one of the weirdest bits about Strike Witches: there were parts that I thought were honestly well-done (not spectacular, but definitely more than my meager expectations had prepped me for) that just got sabotaged by the fanservice element. Which puts the whole thing in a weird Catch-22: ditch the fanservice and have a decent if unmemorable series (unless Gonzo felt like hiring someone who could write), or have the fanservice and risk breaking dramatic tension for ogling, thereby trivializing your own work.

  7. betol….aku mseh igt…paknil kata arwah pakcik abas mcm2 ada tu..maskot astro….ada plak maskot…kalo duta o branding ‘sedap’kan org dgr…tp x jd isu plak….so paknil…sndri maw igt la….kalo kau sndri x penah buat…xpa jugak…ni x…2×5Well-loved.

  8. I think this is the most confusing blog post I’ve ever read. You say design “does not make sense” on the web, and then you go on to praise Flickr for its design (and deservedly so — it’s one of the most well-designed sites I can think of).So, which is it?

  9. Je suis le 5000ème officiel! Ok je le redis mdr. J’espère avoir une belle chance de gagner cette belle buche Pour Noël, je demande beaucoup de bonheur et de gagner cette magnifique bûche Merci à l’avance

  10. Hyves lijkt me niet waar de gemiddelde Gas Bros-fan te vinden is, die van Brams bandje wel. Desondanks is wat hij voor elkaar kreeg leuk om met velen te delen. Toont aan dat ook op internet geldt ''Nee' heb je, 'ja' kun je krijgen'.

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  12. A próposito de lo de “agravio comparativo” me permito reproducir lo que la Presidenta de AVeViR afirma en La Comarca de ayer martes y que supongo que la Redaccion de El Guadalope conoce:“Asimismo, la presidenta exige el mismo trato para todos. “Yo no voy a denunciar a nadie, ni quiero que a nadie le derriben la casa. Pero consideraría un agravio comparativo que denuncien a unos sí y a otros no. Por eso, o que regulen la situación de todos, o que denuncien a todos”.Salud y reflexión

  13. Le 16/03/2008 à 20h08 J’aime beaucoup! Mis à part peut-être la anse chaîne, j’ai jamais été fan des chaînes…Moi je Marc Jacobs, et puis c’est tout Sérieusement, je le trouve printanier, décalé, et un peu moche (du MJ quoi).Et facile à reproduire version custo finalement…

  14. Merci pour ces précisions .En effet, c’est pas évident de construire une config homogène au niveau du bruit et des performances. Pour ma part, étant donné que je ne vise pas vraiment les jeux vidéos, ou très peu, je m’orienterai vers une carte graphique de gamme moyenne, mais peu bruyante.

  15. E46 3-series thermostats often fail wide open, and the engine runs cold as a result, lowering MPGs as the computer dumps fuel to compensate. It gets worse on the highway with increased air flow. What internally causes this problem? Any way to repair a thermostat like that, or do they just have to be replaced?

  16. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

  17. #20placar real também não computa as diversas vezes que os adversários do Atlético ficaram com 10 jogadores ainda no primeiro tempo no Independência. E não foi só uma.Enfim, quer levar pro lado do coitadismo, em vez de exaltar a boa atuação e vitória de ontem, problema seu.

  18. Yesss! Baby food!! I have not seen that brand apple/butternut squash. I feel like such a weirdo shopping in the baby food aisle with all the moms I used to get cysts in my eyes!! Hasn't happened in a few years though, but it's definitely weird. I've been scheduled to go in for laser eye surgery a couple times to get them removed, and then they always went away before the appointment came up… Was this answer helpful?

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  21. Phil, the right wing Zionists say two things sometimes:a) the ancient land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria have religious and spiritual significance, andb) that this significance requires that Jews physically take control, etc., etc. yadda yadda.Can we agree that points a) and b) aren’t actually linked? There’s nothing wrong with a) as long as we reject b).

  22. What a relief to read this! I quit law school a decade ago because I knew my heart was not in it. I got quite a beating from friends and family as I went on to pursue what I really wanted, to be a stay at home mom with a profitable business that would allow me to raise my children without the stress of making partner. This year I achieved one of the goals, now to the next part. Yea Beachbody!

  23. Mike and David really are getting their teeth into that long dead skill of investigative reportingI thing the last few lines speak volumes:" Bellicose government policies, such as the U.S.-sponsored Merida Initiative, that are premised on further militarizing the effort to impose prohibition on civil society only serve to expand the profit margin on the bloodshed.""We're from the government, we're here to help".

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