Month: November 2011

The Pain comes crashing…

When am almost sure am feeling better, the pain comes back with such a pang that I can hardly breathe
I have taken pain killers and put on music that I love,
But nothing seems to make things better,
I have tried working and I cannot concentrate,
I have read all of the blogs I follow, searching for inspiration,
The best friend says she is on her way but she is not yet here,
I keep trying to cheer myself up but It is so difficult.
The pain of being lied to, the pain of knowing that someone you have loved for three and a half years,
The person I thought would be with me forever,
The one who I ran to when I had a problem,
The one who took care of me when I was sick,
The one who promised to love me forever
The One, no longer cares about you and would lie to you just to satisfy their own selfishness
The one is no longer your prince charming.
and it might be time for me to say goodbye.
The pain and the tears, how do I stop them from flowing?
How do I stop my heart from aching so bad?
How do I stop the stomach pangs?
When I thought you were the One for me????

I love this song and thought I would share it with you (yellow is my fav color too)


Friday Fancies- First Ever

So, lately I have been looking for ways to spice up my blog and connect with other bloggers. I found long distance loving which is an awesome blog holding a very special link-up (Friday Fancies). I hope to give my readers a sense of my style thru this post. Hope you enjoy and since this is my first of Friday fancies, bear with me.


1. Nudie Jeans, just love them. easy to wear and stress free.
2. Anthropologie golden top- really cute and awesome too
3. Blue Blazer from Hm. love it
4. Golden tote- very much my style, I love it.
5. Elise peep toe pumps from, love them.
6. Oscar de la Renta earrings, fabulous.
7. Michael Kors bracelet, just the item to complete my outfit.

I love this outfit and hope you do too.

Oh how Pinteresting – Romance

If you knew me, you would know am a hopeless romantic. Lets just say, I love being wooed and pursued. I love the mystery that comes with romance like being pulled to a wall suddenly and kissed really nicely. It brings butterflies to my stomach and I love them. I just love what it feels like, the creativity, the anticipation. I could go on and on but lets just join Michelle at The Vintage Apple for some really romantic pins.
Hope you enjoy.

Source: via Millie on Pinterest

                               This last one takes my breath away

Its Tuesday (Two Link-ups)

The week so far is great and am enjoying everyday. I have recently found out that 15 minutes of breathing and relaxing in the morning help me feel better about the upcoming day. I have more energy, better memory and a greater outlook on life. Try it.
Now am linking up with two great bloggers, Only Parent Chronicles for Post It Note Tuesday and Miss Mommy for Tuesday ten. Enjoy.
The ten things I am allowing into my life right now: (the first ten are for my soul while the other five are material things)

Join in and enjoy.

Only Parent Chronicles

Just a Kiss

Hi, my lovelies. I know I have been quiet but am ok and am still as awesome as ever.
First, I want to share this song with you since it has touched my life in a big way of late

I think this song captures the kind of love or romance that we all desire.
One sweet line in this song goes like, “Just a shot in the darkness that you just might, be the one I have been waiting for my whole life”
We all wait, for that one person who will blow our minds away. That person who will make our hearts sing and our knees weak.
What we forget to appreciate is the journey to the soulmate of our dreams. We focus so much on the outcome that we forget the sweetness of the journey.
Do you remember the anticipation in your heart when you could not see your crush in high school?
It was like the world stopped until the moment you would see them and you world would just start spinning.
The anticipation of the first kiss, and the first night together.
Why don’t we just hold onto these moments and live life with anticipation. To hold the joy and excitement of having good things happen to us especially in our love lives.
I have to take my own advise today and live with some kind of excitement that something simple but mindblowing will happen in my love life. The weakening in the knees, the first date, the first kiss, that is what is on my mind today.
Kisses n lots of love.

Pinteresting Wednesday- Beauty in the rain

Yeah, its that day again when we have to spend waste some time, then link up with Michelle for the best link up evvverrr! So please join in the fun and enjoy.
Today, I want all of you to know that there is lots of beauty in the rain. Even when we are feeling down and worried, there is still something to be grateful for. Something beautiful and awesome and it is inside each and everyone of us. (I just thought that I could change my blog name to Beauty in the rain, what do u think?)

Just find your beauty, even in the rain