Month: August 2011

Thankful Thursday

They say a way to spice up life is to try out new things. Here i am, trying out very new things
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Am thankful for my beautiful life, for each breath i take and for every inch of strength in my body.
Am thankful for the internet and my laptop, these come up in the list of bestfriends.
Am thankful for a very handsome Mr b/f who knows how to love me and take care of me.
Am thankful for the week that has been and look forward to a great weekend.
Am thankful for long phonecalls that leave you teary and missing each other so much more.
Lastly, am thankful for awesome opportunities that come up in my life and make it better.

What it takes to let someone into my heart..

Am the kind of person who is very open to people. I admit that i trust very easily and sometimes people take advantage of this trait. But this is part of me and am not planning on changing it. Deep down in my heart, i really think that all people are good but they change depending on their circumstances.

I believe my heart is delicate and should be taken and held gently. This is why it should take some time before i let someone in. However, contrary to this, it sometimes only takes a few moments before i let someone in.
When i met Mr b/f back in 2008, that first moment, i felt something in my heart. I felt as though i’d known him the whole of my life yet it was the first time i set my eyes on him. (I will tell the story of us someday, keep waiting.)
So, before i let someone in my heart, there is something that must click. They say when you know, you know. Its not about the other person but how your heart responds. Its like its giving you some kind of permission to let someone in.

I know sometimes, we have defied what our hearts say about particular people. When the heart says no but we go ahead and let that person in, this is a recipe for disaster. I have experienced this with some people who end up hurting me. After doing the evaluation, i realize that i let them in without the heart’s permission.
I know you still want to know what it takes for me to let someone in my heart. Well, its all about that first time we meet and the hearts clicking. I have found that sometimes that a person may not have the “ideal” character but when the hearts click, it becomes easier to let them in.

It also depends with how far am ready to let them in. In the long run, i choose what my heart likes and what it clicks with. Thats it and it works for me.
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So Cold

Its Monday, One day since you’ve been gone but to me its more like four days before i see you,
I go to bed late, so that i do not miss you too much,
My legs are so cold, just like always but you are not here to warm me up,
I shiver and get out of bed to layer more clothes on my very cold body,
Are yo feeling as cold as me?
The rains are pouring on the roof and i wish to have you hold me,
To lie on your chest and hear your comforting voice,
But the reality confronts me that you are not here,
I do miss you but am still so cold….

Please come back and keep me warm.
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It comes so often that we sometimes forget that life is actually changing. The small things in life that change every so often do not really affect us. But the big changes leave a mark in our lives. For me, it is a time for change again and this time, its a big change. We are moving, again. Its time that we experience something new and the universe has given us the perfect opportunity for this change. We are moving to a different town, one that is more quiet and more suburban. I like it actually and hope life will treat us well there.

The Birth of the blog's name

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Since i started working on the internet, its been a roller coaster ride to finding out the different avenues of expressing oneself here. So i joined many groups but never quite felt like i was maximizing my potential. Then, one day my friend from high school told me that they wanted to start a travel blog and there i had it. The idea of starting my own blog came up.
I have always been a writing person. I like writing about all kinds of stuff but mostly i have always kept a diary. One thing about my diaries is that they are filled with moments of too much happiness or too much sadness. My diaries often failed to document days where small things happened and i thought that a blog would give the opportunity to do this.
At first, my blog was named “Life Changing” but after a few days i renamed it to Millie’s blog. I thought that the first name was too general and did not capture the personality i wanted. By adding my name into the title, i felt that readers would atleast know there is some personality behind the blog and be interested to know what goes on in Millie’s life. And friends, that is how the name of my blog was born.

The Magic of Life

One thing i have noticed lately is that am so into having an amazing life. If you have been reading my blog, then you know am a firm believer in positivity and optimism. I actually really do not see the point of living life being a pessimist and labeling it as realism. I think that is just an excuse to not be happy and make your life and other people’s life miserable.
Life is meant to be magical (in whatever cliche ways that you might think of).

Whether magical to you means, finding the man/girl of your life, getting married to them and having kids: life is meant to be that way. Whether magical to you means travelling to different places, experiencing people and cultures of all kinds, life is actually meant to be that way. Whatever magical means to you, thats the way your life is meant to be.

Before i go any further, i would like to recommend that you look for “THE POWER”, a book by Rhonda Byrne and read it as fast as you can. It will surely change the way you see life and how you actually live it.

For me, magical means having a job that is flexible, fun and filled with play, laughter and jokes. Magical means that money is no object to me and that i live life not based on the amount of money i have but based on what i want and what i enjoy. Magical means a beautiful proposal and a beautiful wedding with Mr b/f, with all my family and friends watching. Magical means the Nikon L120 camera being mine.
Magical means laughter, joy, happiness, smiles, play, music, color, dance, great food, fabulous fashion, art, lots of love and endless beauty.

I give you love and hope that you realize the magic of your own life.
Kisses lots and lots of Love.
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My Weekend

The weekend was one filled with laughter, joy and all the good things that we want in life. My weekend was a representation of the life that i want to live everyday because it brought feelings of greatness.
On Saturday, i went to visit one of my high-school friends who just had a baby boy. The baby is named Nate and he is so sweet and handsome.
What made it even better was the fact that i had the privilege of being in the company of five of the most wonderful girl friends ever.

For sure, i always enjoy moments spent with these girls and this Saturday was no exception. We had so much fun and i just loved it. These are the moments that make my life so breathtaking.

On Sunday, i thought sleeping in would be awesome and i had the great company of Mr b/f. We woke up almost noon and the world’s greatest football club ended my weekend on a high note.
Yes, for those who do not know, am Millie, a girl aged 24 and i love football and i highly support MANCHESTER UNITED.


Therefore, watching them play and actually win the community shield really lifted my spirits. I have to note that one Luis NANI, particularly made my day as he scored twice increasing my crush on him. Hail, the stars of Old Trafford.
That wraps up the weekend and my week has already started on a high note, will tell you about that later.
Kisses and much love to you all.
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7 challenges for 30 days.

I stumbled upon this link ( in my usual internet escapades and i thought it would be nice to complete some of the challenges posted here. The website says that it takes atleast thirty days for an action to become a habit and therefore i will be completing the following seven tasks each day as a way of making life more interesting and adopting some of the beliefs that i need in my life. Feel free to join me. I start today on 5/8/2011 and will end on 5/9/2011 but hope to continue infinitely,

1. Write a I like this about you note/text/email each day for someone
2. Take a picture each day
3. Take a moment each day to practice self compassion and self love
4. Study a topic i would like to master each day
5. Pick one bad habit i already have and ditch it for 30 days (I have not yet decided on which habit i will ditch but i will update you as the days go by but i will definitely choose today.)
6. Inspire myself each day (am good at that but i want to get better at it.
7. Don’t complain for an entire day for thirty days. (That will leave me pretty excited about life)

I also want to love unconditionally, as a separate challenge. Hope to get some company as it is always good to better our lives together.